Sensual Massage - What is It? 

As what the name implies, sensual massage more intimate. This is far different than the typical kneading done in massages. Usually, it's erotic in nature and done from one partner to the other either as part of sexual act or foreplay. During the sensual massage, the masseur may make use of not just their bare hands but also, their lips, mouth and other parts of their body to arouse the senses of their partner and give pleasure. See more at 

The primary goal of sensual massage is to attain sexual arousal and involves massaging the erogenous zones of both men and women but it doesn't involve penetrative sex. Sensual massage is way beyond physical touch and incorporating several elements to be able to provide full relaxation and satisfaction to the receiver. Because this form of massage is requiring the receiver to submit his or her feelings and loosen up, the setting plays a vital role in the effectiveness of massage.

More often than not, the giver and receiver will be nude throughout the message and therefore, securing the privacy is a critical part of the massage. If for example that the massage is done at home, then this isn't going to be an issue but when performed in a studio, there has to be an isolated room and if possible, soundproof at the same time to provide that intimate atmosphere expected from sensual massage. Candles as well as dim light are appropriate as the intense and bright light can prevent the receiver from feeling relaxed. Making use of natural and aromatic oils is necessary because its fresh fragrance is stimulating the senses and helping to establish sensual connection. Learn more about sensual massage in london.  

Sensual massages can be characterized as well by softer and gentler touch instead of pressing hard on muscles to be able to relieve the tension or pain. Despite the fact that proper training is desired, partners may learn how to execute sensual massage to each. Throughout the sessions, all parts of the body could be touched and sensual massage differs from the conventional massages as the erogenous zones are being massaged too.

These basically include the pubes and breasts for women and the manhood of man. But other parts can be caressed and touched as well. Even though it is likely for the receiver to reach orgasm and response, it isn't the main goal of the session, it's just happen that it is part of it. The true goal of the massage is to release the blocked energy and feelings of the body and unlocked suppressed emotions. See more at